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What is love?

Love is the happiness of the world.
D. H. Lawrence

Love is an emotion without limit.
William James Dawson

Love is far more than a feeling. It is a decision to be involved in a most imperfect, ongoing process with the person you love.
Cheryl Adler

Love is something we do, not necessarily something we feel. Our feelings can come and go and change.
Denise George

Love is a never-ending feeling of happiness.
Michelle Johns

Love is energy. It's full of life and lightness, it brings feelings of joy and contentment to those who share it.
Margaret Neylon

Love is the other side of freedom. There cannot be one without the other.
Eugenia Price

Love is the only true emotion. It is infinite and eternal.
John Murphy

Love is sacrifice. It is measured when we make decisions in our everyday life. It is tested during the dark moments in life that serve to challenge us. And it is shown at the moments when we take no regard for our own life, to give it to the benefit of another`s life.
Sylvester Hubbard III

Love is beyond time. Love is beyond thought. Love is beyond illusion. Love is beyond description. Most of all, love is beyond separation. Love is the beginning of eternity.
Sal Rachele

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